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Corporate Services & Business Identity Programs

Below are the business services available through the Corporate Services program. In choosing a corporate structure, we suggest you discuss with your tax professional whether a "C," "S" corporation or "LLC" company will best suit your requirements.


Embossed Corporate Records Book, Share Register & Stock Transfer Ledger, Index dividers for Articles, By-Laws, Minutes, Stock Certificates, & Corporate Seal $550
Nevada Limited Liability Company Same as above $650
Officer Nominee Privacy Program Ensures privacy by naming contracted Directors/Officers on public record filings $350/yr.
Opening Bank Account Business Account & Fed. Tax I.D. filing $150
Corporate Identity Program* Nevada address, mail forwarding &contracted Resident Agent $65/mo*
Pre-paid Annual Corp. Identity Program Same as above - 10 months
plus 2 mo.
*Minimum 90 day service requirement. Full payment due in advance plus $50 one-time set-up fee. 

Additional Service/Program Details:

Nevada C or S Corporation: This would be your selection of a regular "C" or "S" corporation if that is the tax structure that would most suit your business requirements.

Nevada Limited Liability Company: This type of corporation is often used to protect directors and officers from personal liability as provided by law.

Officer Nominee Privacy Program: Taking part in this program will list a contracted officer on documents that are of public record. This ensures the privacy of directors and officers of the corporation.

Opening Bank Account: If your corporation intends to be actively engaged in business revenue activities, you would want to open a corporate bank account. Signatory cards will be sent for your completion. This also requires the IRS Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number to be completed to secure your Federal Tax I.D. number which is required by the bank.

Corporate Identity Program: The State of Nevada requires that you have a Resident Agent with local address. The address can also be used on stationary, business cards and becomes your Nevada address for all business purposes. Through computer access, you may also have phone messages sent directly to your e-mail address. This program is pre-paid every 90 days and includes a one-time $50 set-up fee.

Pre-paid Annual Corporate Identity Program: This is the same program as the Corporate Identity Program except that you receive two months of the year free as a pre-payment bonus.

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Island Connections performs business services, and is not a
substitute for legal, accounting or other professional services.

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