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Corporate Business Services

Thank you for your interest in our Corporate Business Services program. Are you aware that Nevada is a leader in actively attracting entrepreneurs through its business friendly laws? Yes, Nevada is serious about protecting the privacy and security of business owners with zero personal income tax, no corporate income tax, no tax on corporate shares, no franchise tax, minimal reporting and disclosure requirements.

Stockholders, directors and officers need not live or hold meetings in Nevada, or even be U.S. citizens, and Nevada corporations may purchase, hold, sell or transfer shares of its own stock for capital, services, personal property or real estate, including leases and options. Plus, the Directors may determine the value of those transactions and their decision is final! All of this and no I.R.S. information-sharing agreement!

Additionally, the perils of lawsuits, changing legislation, taxation, fluctuating market conditions and the personal situations of business owners all affect the ability to protect your personal assets. Remember, in any lawsuit, not only existing assets are at risk but also future earnings, inheritance and even insurance settlements are all potentials for loss in the event of an unfavorable judgement. At Island Connections, we understand the special concerns and interests of individuals and business owners in creating an effective, protective, corporate entity by securing assets and limiting personal and tax liability.

As a private, secured corporation, you can protect business and personal liabilities, judgment proof your assets and turn many of your personal expenses into legitimate tax deductions. So, if limiting personal liability for claims against your business is important to you, then incorporating your company in a state which is considered to be America's only "safe haven" can provide the benefits to save yourself and your family from losing all you have worked so very hard to build!

Although tax evasion is not an option, legal tax avoidance, which can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in taxes, is your right as a taxpayer. Why should you pay more to do business than you have to?  These are all excellent reasons why it is advantageous to incorporate in Nevada!

We offer the following services that can help reduce your tax impact and personal liability dramatically:

Corporate Services: Offers the choice of a regular C-Corporation, S-Corporation or Limited Liability Company for individuals or businesses desiring the advantages and limited liabilities these kinds of corporations provide. If personal or corporate privacy is important to you, a Brokerage Account can be established whereby only the Federal Tax I.D. is required. You may also choose to have us name one of our contracted Officers or Directors to appear on all public record filings thereby guaranteeing your ownership privacy. A business license in Nevada will further legitimize your new business identity.

Business Identity & Presence: Provides a Nevada business address and mail forwarding for companies wishing to expand their perceived area of operation outside their home base; or, as your Corporate Resident Agent for your new Nevada business entity to secure your business presence in the state.

We suggest you contact an accountant or professional advisor to suggest which of these services could be more advantageous to your personal situation. To order any of these business services click the stock certificate photo above. If your new venture could benefit from additional business development services to help define your company as you search the funding network, click on Business Services now.

We also have entered a strategic partnership with a group of highly-recognized professionals that offer ways to significantly reduce your tax impact whether personal, business or capital gains. So, if you are not yet ready to position your corporation or residence to Nevada yet still want to safeguard your personal or business assets from lien, levy or judgment, or are interested in finding out more click here for more information.

We look forward to serving all your business needs. Welcome to the Island Connections network! To order any of the services above, you may also click the sign up button.

Existing clients may click on Resident Agent to renew your quarterly registration.


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