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Enjoy this variety of information available for your use. Although not meant to be a substitute for any kind of professional or legal advice, it is a good starting point.

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If you are still creating your business plan, you may find the Funding Workbook an invaluable tool. (Click for more info.)

Capitalizing your business is a full time endeavor. Developing your business plan is the single most important step you can take toward your success. You will only have one opportunity to make an impression on an investor. If that first impression isn't top notch, you will rarely get a second chance.

To maximize your potential to receive capital, it is vital that you develop a business plan that will guide your company and allow potential investors to picture where you are going and how you plan to get there. Take great care in preparing your plan, it is the road map that will lead you where you want to go and becomes a deciding factor in demonstrating to an investor your level of foresight.

Lenders or investors, which way should you go? Both tend to look at transactions from very different perspectives. Lenders are mostly concerned with "Can you repay and how much collateral do you have?" While investors are more interested in "How far can you go?" Yet, there are certain items of information common to both.

Keep in mind that information promotes knowledge; knowledge promotes confidence; confidence promotes enthusiasm; enthusiasm promotes funding. And, after all, that's the goal!

So take great care that you consider your project from the viewpoint of an investor, and you won't go wrong.

Click on the downloads below to find examples of information to use in conjunction with your plan:

Business Plan Template.doc In Microsoft Word, this basic template can be used to create your business plan and includes a sample Cover Page, Table of Contents and Non-Disclosure.

Sample Monthly Expenditures.xlt This is in the Excel application, the most popular financial program used. You will need that application to view this sample spreadsheet.

Sample Cash Flow.xls This spreadsheet is in the Excel application program.

Sample Financial Spread Sheet.xlt This spreadsheet is also in the Excel application program.

Financial Statement.pdf This spreadsheet is in the Acrobat Reader application and would be used with lenders.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (short).pdf This document is in Acrobat Reader application.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (long).pdf This spreadsheet is also in Acrobat Reader application.

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