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Order the Funding Workbook now!

Learn how to create an investor grade Business Plan guided by the experts!

All new or expanding businesses need capital. However, only the most successful businesses are well planned and well capitalized. This means having the ability to access capital when you need it. The revised Funding Workbook is designed to help you be well prepared, then lead you to become well capitalized. Our experience on the inside of funding projects allows us to share this knowledge by outlining the most critical aspects that many other business plans overlook — those absolutely necessary to funding success! One of our plans secured $100 Million Dollars for the project within 60 days.

Libraries, bookstores, and the Internet are full of financial "how to" books. We highly recommend you read as many as possible. These books can be a useful generic guide for sources of capital, debt versus equity financing, business planning, goal setting, etc.

Although the Funding Workbook does discuss these topics, its main focus will cover the essential information necessary to present your plan to lenders or investors; how to package your request in order to get noticed; what format your presentation package should take; and, the best type of funding sources available for securing the capital you are looking for including the critical information all sophisticated investors expect to find outlined in your plan.

The vital difference in this book is that it will guide you to create an investor grade business plan using the principals known by every funding professional. There are as many types of plans with different focus' as there are authors of them. However, it takes the inside knowledge of a true funding professional to truly understand, and be able to satisfy the requirements of the sophisticated investor.

This book outlines critical information needed for the preparation of your plan — all from the point of view of the investor. It will also highlight the key elements of your Executive Summary, including the necessary players, strategic positioning, market strategy and penetration, competition, use of funds, repayment plans, pro-forma financial projections, preparation of your final presentation, types of funding, negotiating and structuring the deal plus offering a variety of useful resources.

      Table of Contents:

      1. Plan for Success — Packaging the Plan, Front Cover, Title Page, Confidentiality & Disclaimer, Table of Contents

      2. Executive Summary — Sell the Sizzle!
      Your information bullet and overall outline

      3. The Company — Mission Statement, Background & History, Business Description, Personal Information, Character Qualities, Top Management, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Strategic Alliances, Corporate Partners, Third Party Professionals, Capitalization & Ownership Structures

      4. Products & Services — Overview, Products Lines, Research & Development, New Product Development, Pricing & Costs, Trademark & Proprietary Rights

      5. Marketing Plan — Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Goals, Market Niche, Life Cycle, Market Research, Image,Positioning, Market Overview, Market Approach, Market Analysis, Feasibility, Distribution & Distributors, Outside Factors, Endorsements, Advertising & Promotion, Initial Market Penetration, Market Expansion, Competitors, Complementary Products, Current Market Share, Trade Associations

      6. Operations Plan — The details of how you do, what you do: Offices & Facilities, Personnel, Equipment, Operating Systems & Equipment

      7. Financial Plan — Key Elements, Developmental Stage, Funding Stage, Conservative Request, Downside Planning, Supportable Assumptions, Association Documentation, SWOT Analysis, Financial Overview

      8. Terms — How Long, Amortized versus Interest Only,
      Interest Rate, Fixed or Adjustable, Points & Fees, Prepayment Penalties, Blanket & Specific Liens, Personal Guarantees, Collateral Covenants & Conditions, Percent of Ownership Available, Stock Repurchase Agreements, Management Controls, Legal Disclaimers & Warnings

      9. Use of Funds — Outlining the details of how the funds will be used

      10. Setting Goals — Benchmarks & Milestones, Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals

      11. Repayment Plan — Research & Development, Break-Even Analysis, Current & Projected Debt Coverage Ratio, Amortization or Dividend, Preplanning

      12. Exit Strategy — 5 Examples: Going Public, Selling, ESOP, Liquidation, or Passing Ownership to the Family

      13. Pro-Forma Financial Projections — Reasonable Projections Income Statement (P & L's), Income Projection Work-Sheet, Balance Sheet, Liabilities, Balance Sheet Work-Sheet, Cash Flow Projections, Monthly Cash Flow Projection Worksheet, Essential Operating Data, Key Indicators & Ratios

      14. The Appendix — Detailed description of what kind of inserts to include

      15. Preparing Your Presentation — The actual "Physical" Presentation

      16. Types of Funding — Debt versus Equity, Debt Considerations, Equity Considerations, Venture Angels, Venture Capital, Joint Ventures & Strategic Partners, Small Business Administration, Small Business Investment Corporation, Commercial Paper, Letters of Credit, Receivable Factoring, Purchase Order Advances, Equipment Leasing, Asset Sale Lease-backs, Private Placement, Public Offerings, Limited Partnerships, Investment of Friends & Family, Previous or Present Employer, Home Equity Loans, Insurance Policies, Moonlighting

      17. Negotiating Your Deal — All the options, Survivorship

      18. Conclusion — Wrapping it up

      19. Sample Funding Documents — Confidentiality & Disclaimer; Non-Disclosure & Non-Circumvent Agreements

      20. Resources Almost everything you will need

  • PLUS a Business Plan Template that you can use to write your plan with sample financials. Also included are three sample business plans filled with all the right buzz words that can add that extra snap to any plan, including a separate, stand-alone, and three sample Executive Summaries with disclosures for use when you don't want to send the complete plan but want to get that investor attention! These sample plans vary from very simple to more complicated. The length of your plan will depend on the extensive nature of your business.

The above information is designed to be used as an actual blueprint for your own business plan. Each chapter will guide you to answer valuable questions that are essential for investors; thereby, directing you how to arrive at the answers an investor is looking for. When finished, your business plan will be complete and ready to submit to even the most sophisticated funding source. Plus, you'll know what questions to expect from an investor and how best to answer them!

Island Connections also writes business plans and investment memorandums, as well as upgrading existing plans to bring them up to investor or compliance grade including uncovering any hidden pitfalls you may have overlooked, outlining the ways to overcome them and finding new marketing strategies you may have overlooked — because without the right presentation of your plan, you won't even get to first base with an investor — no mater how good your idea! We cannot emphasize enough the value of having a succinct plan. Contact us directly if you are interested in utilizing our expertise to create or upgrade your existing plan to investor grade.

Carpe diem .......in your search to secure the capital required to fuel your funding needs. When you are ready to actively begin the funding process, please return to the web site and complete the Funding Registration to receive our assistance. We look forward to working with you in the future.

To order the Funding Workbook at $9.95, click the "Buy Now" button below.

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Should you wish to use our professional assistance in the development of your plan, click business services to find out more about how we can help, or email us directly below.

Island Connections
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