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Welcome to our Business Development Network!

At Island Connections, we offer a variety of professional services designed to assist new companies through all stages of business development including the creation of a topnotch, compliance or investor grade business plan, image, branding, accounting, consulting, including architectural and design firms, legal, marketing, web development and fast-track funding services.

Should you have products or services that could aid a new venture from the early development through expansion stages, click on Business Development to join our network.

Click on the links below for more information on the following services:

Business Plan Investor Grade

Business Plan Compliance Grade

Business Plan Upgrade to Compliance or Investor Grade

Business Plan Consulting

Executive Summary Expanded

Funding and/or Business Development Consulting

Public Relations & Marketing Consulting

Legal Disclosures & Disclaimers

Review & Analysis of Existing Business Plan

Initial Funding Consultation

Venture Profile Elevator Pitch

Affiliate & Strategic Partners:

Aaron Suzuki Optimize, Update or Expand Existing Web Site

Burk Law Firm VC Specialists

Latham & Associates Financial Models

Danhausen Group

Steven Cheroske Designs

Don Hebert Photography

Funding Workbook

Business Plan Investor Grade: $5,000-$15,000
A full business plan takes approximately 30-45 days to complete. Much of the information that will be used in the plan comes from your ideas, projections and goals for the business. This is a highly interactive process that will enable us to articulate, in a well-written format, all the details of your venture. Due to our extensive experience with sophisticated investors, we will create your plan to be investor grade — meaning able to stand up the to the tough scrutiny of a seasoned investor exposed to a multitude of projects, thereby giving it the best possibility for acceptance and ultimate success. Remember, you have only one opportunity to impress a potential investor! Therefore, your plan is the most important tool you have because it can literally make or break the funding process. The final price quote will depend on how much information and research you have already accumulated. A highly detailed, expanded plan that to be used with a technical or other complicated business may be quoted higher.
Contact us for a custom quote.

Business Plan / Investment Memorandum
Compliance Grade: $3,500-$5,000
This compliance grade business plan or investment memorandum can protect your business and personal assets from potential legal problems that might otherwise arise from a dissatisfied investor. It's no secret that ventures do not get funded without a plan. You can reinvent the wheel, or use an experienced professional. If budget constraints are a prime concern, this is an abbreviated version of the investment grade plan, created first, so that you can have information available immediately to use with potential investors. It will provide a thorough overview, outlining the most important aspects of your venture, and summarizing all the major points of your plan. Should you choose at a later date to order an investment grade business plan, this amount will be credited towards the price of that plan.
Contact us for a custom quote.

Business Plan Upgrade
to Compliance or Investor Grade: $3,000-$5,000
When it is time to upgrade your existing plan to the next level of investors, we can take you to the next level. Whether you have self-authored your business plan or had it produced by a professional, there are as many formats and focus' for plans as there are books on how to do them. Unfortunately, many business plans are frequently done by authors with one particular area of expertise. This can leave the plan weak in some areas while strong in others, weakening investor confidence. Many times, an author does not have the breadth of experience with sophisticated investors to be aware of the types of questions an investor is looking to have addressed in the plan. We will take your existing plan to the next level — compliance or investor grade
— allowing you the greatest possibility for funding. Contact us for a custom quote.

Business Plan Consulting
Self-author with Expert Guidance: $1,500-$2,000
If you have the time and understanding to write your own plan, you should choose this option. With this consulting package, we will provide you with templates and sample financial models. Using our extensive experience, we will guide you through the entire process, showing you what to write, how to write, and why you're writing it. During this process, we will edit your work until it will attract the funding you are looking for. You will learn much more than you ever expected you would need to know.
Contact us for a custom quote.

Executive Summary
Expanded: $1,500-$2,000
Although this is usually written last, due to time or budget constraints, an expanded Executive Summary can be created to be used as a complete stand-alone document including a confidentiality agreement. This will adequately describe your project to an investor, summarizing the most important aspects and answering all the basic questions while highlighting your project's greatest potential. If you need just the basics to use when searching for your early seed money, this is the document to use. The price can be credited towards a full business plan at a later date.
Contact us for a custom quote.

Business Plan
Compliance, Disclosures & Disclaimers: $450-$2,000
Unless your investment package contains the necessary legal disclosures and disclaimers required by the SEC, plus help protect your company and private assets from the possible litigation, you could find yourself open to ramifications that can occur from a dissatisfied investor. Therefore, this could be the single-most important aspect included in your investment package, and should never be overlooked. This consulting service is for the plan that is already outlined and written, but lacks the basic understanding of the requirements of the SEC. Beyond that, disclosures and disclaimers are your first line of defense. These documents can help keep your company and personal assets protected! Contact us for a custom quote.

Business Plan
Review & Analysis: $250-450
Make sure your existing business plan is investor-friendly! Find out if there is a potential problem before your plan gets into the hands of an investor. Unless your plan was written by a funding professional, well-versed in the "bells and whistles" that either send up a red flag, or build investor confidence, you may be missing important aspects in your plan. This review includes a written evaluation of your existing business plan from the point of view of an accredited or angel investor. The analysis will include important recommendations for any changes, additions or possible improvements that can help ensure your funding success. This fee may be credited towards any additional business plan work you engage us to do.
Contact us to order.

Funding & Business Development
"Fast Track" Retainer: $1,000-$3,500
As a new venture searching for funding, once your business plan is complete, the most important item you can utilize is a topnotch funding team. This fast-track, funding effort places you on our "Preferred Venture" client list, with an additional level of due diligence performed for investors and a concentrated effort on your behalf. As part of your funding team, you will receive the following funding and consultation services: 24/7 turn around time in response to phone calls and/or conferences to help guide you through all phases of the funding process; our availability to attend meetings with potential investors both from our network and your own sources; business development consultations; detailed review of your business plan to confirm it is compliance or investor grade with suggestions for any changes; evaluation of your existing investor presentation; and coaching on the next or follow-up steps to take with any investors that came through your own sources. We can also make our schedule available to attend meetings in other geographic locations on a per diem basis, plus travel expenses. This is a nonrefundable monthly fee. Contact us for a custom quote.

Comprehensive Funding Consultation: $400
This is approximately a 2-hour private consultation with one of our investment professionals either at your location, while you are in the Las Vegas, New York or S. Florida areas, or via telephone after review of your business plan/package. During this consultation, we will evaluate your actual investor presentation, acting as a valuable resource to provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your plan and its presentation. We will provide the insights and suggestions necessary to funding success that many ventures only learn about when it is too late and a potential investor has already walked away from the table. This consultation can help ensure that those critical investor meetings count, and everything necessary is in place!
Contact us to order.

Public Relations & Marketing
Consulting Retainer: $1,000-$3,500
Once you are ready to open your doors, your marketing and public relations can really drive business to your door. A highly recognized public relations and marketing specialist can help deliver the press required to help make your product or service a household word. We can support the efforts of an on-staff person, or become your PR and marketing arm. This is a nonrefundable monthly retainer. Contact us for a custom quote.

Venture Profile
Elevator Pitch: $195

Experts at the dynamic presentation of your venture, we can also create a dynamic new, one-page Elevator Pitch — a Venture Profile that "sells the sizzle" to fascinate and intrigue an investor to make them want to know more. This fast-track bullet of information can be your most intriguing asset when making that initial contact and critical first impression. Many investors now demand a one-page summary document before they commit to reviewing a complete business plan. The Venture Profile can then be used with all potential investment sources including within our working database and active project files during discussions and meetings with Angel investors, private funding sources, strategic partners and affiliate investment bankers. This is the best introduction you can have to your venture. Contact us to order.


Affiliate & Strategic Partners:

If you are still in the planning stages, or simply looking to expand your business and/or revenue base, the following companies are our "pick" to help take you to the next level!

Aron Suzuki, Search Engine Optimization Consultant:

Every business should now have an existing web site. It is the easiest way to let potential new customers and clients know about your business, and can also be the most cost effective way to market and sell your products or services. Whether you simply need a basic web presence, or a large web site such as this one with a wide variety of content, we can serve your every need.

As a web site owner, your web site goals are probably related to your bottom line. The key to a successful web site is to drive traffic to your site, build awareness and ultimately find new opportunities to sell your products and services. This very moment, someone is using a search engine to try to find your products or services. Want to be positioned at the top of the search engines? Optimize your web site to do just that!

Suzuki is an experienced webmaster that specializes in search engine optimization for private clients. Click to read TOP RANK YOUR WEB SITE by Aron Suzuki. Contact us for a custom quote.

Burk & Reedy LLC:

In private practice spanning over 30 years; formerly with the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney-Advisor to a U.S. Tax Court Judge in Washington, D.C., and senior partner of a high-rated law firm in New York; now located in Washington D.C., James Burk, has a wide range of experience in many areas of law.

The firm's focus is domestic and international clients seeking venture capital funding and emerging companies in the initial stages of organization through the public offering stage. Additionally, they deal with every aspect of corporate matters including contracts, mergers, acquisitions, finance, tax, asset protection, securities and franchise law.

Click to read BUY-SELL AGREEMENTS for START-UP COMPANIES by James Burk, Esq.

Steven Cheroske Designs:

Founded in Palm Springs, California in 1990, this high-profile design firm focuses on custom interior design for commercial, retail and residential clients. You may have seen his work featured in the Los Angeles Times or Palm Springs Life magazine. With clients like Nicole Miller, Hubert de Givenchy, Gucci and St. John his work is always in demand.

Each projects begins with a dedicated team of professionals selected from a network of over thirty professionals, suited to the specific assignment and led by Steven Cheroske. They specialize in creating "one of a kind" interiors a cut above.

To read the magazine article on the principal, click the photo.

Funding Workbook:

You cannot expect to secure investor funds without a good, solid business plan. If you have decided to self-author your business plan, the sound advice contained in the Funding Workbook can help ensure your funding success.

For a complete outline of the table of contents and more detailed information, click the photo.


If you are ready for funding NOW, click the sign up button!
Ordering any of the above services will also automatically register your venture for funding at no extra charge.



This section of professional services has been recently introduced to our network. If you would like to include your business capabilities on this page and/or also submit an article for use by web visitors, click the sign up button now.

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