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Welcome to the Art Network!


This section of our site will introduce you to some of the best artists in the world! Exposed to countless mediums, we have selected only those we consider some of the most talented on the planet!

Do check back frequently as we continue expanding this prestigious showcase with new artists for our special friends and clients to enjoy.


Anthony Quinn: A true American icon, this Academy Award-winning actor with over 200 movies to his credit had been a talented artist since his early childhood. A genius and modern-day Rennaissance man, Quinn surpassed the limits of an imagination fed by experience. Whether painting or sculpting, every stroke of his brush, every nuance of color and every contour in his scultures was a mysterious statement of his own. His art shows continue to tour the globe each year.

To read the magazine article, click the photo.

Lanning Gallery: The Lanning Gallery is Sedona, Arizona's major classic and contemporary fine art gallery. It's unique atmosphere features original oils, acrylics, exceptional sculpture, handmade hand-painted furniture and distinctive jewelry by world renowned artists. This premier gallery is committed to excellence in both art and service.

Artist, Alfred Rogoway (shown) used scenes from his own inner consciousness to create a world of sensitively distorted figures. His beings are fairy tale creatures and from myths that partake of all the activities of man in a mood which might be termed eternal. As his dear friend, colleague and famed playwright once said of him, "He paints as other men must dream, and his visions take him back thousands of years of world subconsciousness. He belongs to no one medium but to all. His is the gentleness of the large man who cannot touch something small for fear of crushing it, yet all subtleties of his nature find expression on canvas." — Henry Miller, 1955. To read the magazine article, click the photo.

Yuroz: Having caught the attention of the Hollywood set has propelled Yoroz into the ranks of one of the world's greatest living artists of the 21st century — with originals now selling in the $1 Million Dollar range. Born in Soviet Armenia, he emigrated to the United States at 29 and brought his admiration for mankind and their relationships as expressed in his many works. He is distringuished for capturing the most tender moments of human relationships using some of life's simplest objects to create special pieces of art such as linen dinner napkins for his Napkin Drawings, lip stick for his Lip Stick Paintings and apparel for his ever popular Art Massage.


Andreas Nottebohm: His paintings are windows from his imagination that transport the viewer past the vast empty space of the universe, to reveal the extraordinary scenes he believes must really exist as we bridge the insurmountable distances between neighbors in the universe. He has exhibited worldwide and featured in the Smithsonian, OMNI, Smithsonian Air & Space and Art Gallery International magazines.


Luigi Fumagali: Italian-born, he began drawing as a small child in Milan but eventually toured the world as a talented classical guitarist, eventually settling in Hawaii where his passion for art once more surfaced. His works are held by many celebrities and corporate collections including many hollywood movie sets. His textured works have horses and women at their main focus, while his abstracts are masterful defined styles of broad bold color.

Susan Seddon Boulet: An alchemist who captures the spirits that dance in the sun's rays, she sees figures out of our dreams, those which flee upon our awakening, fall apart between our fingers like dust-roses and forever haunt our childhood memories. In her world, events, animals, people, and flowers are iridescent as she invents flowers with eyes and ears, colors not in our daily palette. She left the earthly plane in 1997 leaving behind a legacy of enchanting reminders of that mystical place mainly found in our imagination.


Kay Sattler: Raised in the foothills of Colorado, a fascination with the Polynesian culture led her to the creation of "clay vessels", blending native Hawaiian themes with primitive firings. Begining with the earth's clay the process is slow. Coil by coil, the hand process allows the clay time to "speak" and impart its own "spirit" into the final shape. Each unique vessel is then burried in a pit and slow-fired. The heat then causes the body to change its appearance, creating swirling patters of white and grey to solid black.


George Sumner: Internationally renowned for his pioneering efforts in ecological themes, Sumner influenced a generation of environmental artists with creations from the oceans depths to the infinite boundaries of space and time including deeply, rich etheric landscapes.  His works are in public collections and privately held by celebrities and the highest-profile entrepreneurs in the world.


Dale Evers: One of the world's foremost sculptors of marine life, his artwork is cast into bronze, stainless steel or titanium capuring with lifelike authenticity the power and grace of these aquatic creatures. A prolific creator, Evers' unique sculptures include Mahi Mahi, Blue Marlin, Manta Rays, Orcas, Stingrays, Pelicans, Dolphin, Humpback Whales, and Sea Turtles all of which reflect the hundreds of hours spent undersea in Hawaii and the Caribbean.


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