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Welcome to the Travel Network!

We showcase a collection of some of the most unique travel destinations available on the planet today!

Acting as a personal referral network to our group of high net worth and high profile individuals, investors and investment professionals, we take pride in referring the kind of outstanding getaways that our upscale clientele has come to expect.

Aside from our existing investment network, visitors to our web site can access the Travel Network page to see a selection of our personal choice for the best collection of spectacular travel destinations worldwide. Our clients, friends and visitors to the web site include millionaires, celebrities and entrepreneurs of the highest order from all over the world. They are always looking for a new paradise to help them unwind from the pressures of their busy lives.

Should you wish to see a sampling of our "Who's Who," rich and famous network, you may do so by clicking on one of our executives' bio at Angel Matchmakers, to see a sampling of this influential, celebrated group as well as a selection of some of Kaya Morgan's favorite articles.

A synopsis of your destination outlining the exceptional amenities and special focus of your property will be showcased on the travel page. This profile will also include either a photo of your choice with a link to your own web site or direct e-mail address. This information will remain on the site for one full year, and you can make changes to the copy at any time. Click on the Travel Network to view that page.

So, if you have a unique, private hideaway or ultimate destination that caters to the most discriminating upscale traveler, we invite you to become part of the Island Connections Travel Network by clicking the sign up button now.     

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