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What satisfied customers are saying:

"Factoring played a key role in the early success of my company. We would not have been so successful without the additional cash flow provided through the expert financing of receivables."
Elly Tamez, President, Expert Tech Consultants

"Factoring took my company from a negative cash flow position to a positive cash flow. Using factoring services provides a quicker cash flow turn around."
Noreen Kahn, President, R-Group International

"Financial support was vital to the success of Viking. Factoring provides liquidity for small businesses such as mine who are unable to obtain other financing."
Louie Kalinov, President, Viking Metalcrafters, Inc.

"As a new professional services firm with few assets, we were unable to qualify for a traditional loan or line of credit. Factoring took the risk when local banks would not. As a staffing company, our payroll can be extremely heavy. Our invoices are funded within 24 hours and that’s great for cash flow.

Another great benefit is the use of their back office support for collections of invoices. Who likes to chase money? Because of the great customer service and initial belief in us, we remain a loyal customer after seven years."
Michael Pethers, CFO, I.T. Personnel Solutions, Inc.

"Factoring played a key role in the early success of our company. We would not have been so successful without the additional cash flow provided through the financing of our receivables."
Elly Tamez, President, Expert Tech Consultants

"Since 2006, when we chose to begin factoring, our business has had the opportunity to grow without straining our capital resources. Factoring has been very resourceful in handling our cash-flow needs and their general expertise identified issues that helped improve our overall business in 2007."
Jeremy Castro, Undercrown Footwear & Apparel

"As a small boutique firm with big dreams, I must say how very pleased I am with my factoring experience! They are quick, efficient and loaded with integrity. They fund my monies to me in a day or two of receipt of invoices and now my business is flowing and growing with a smooth cash flow! Thank you!!!!"
Laura Fischer, Corporate Resources Partners

"I can only speak with the highest praise for factoring. It allowed us to grow at a rate we never would have been able to achieve without the increased cash flow. Factoring has made us bankable."
Roger Hanson, CEO, RD Hanson Associates

"We have found factoring to be one of our most valuable assets. We look at the factoring company as being the financial center of our company. Being able to come in every week and get cash for the work we've done is fantastic!"
Bruce Boe, President, National Companies, U.S.A.

"Besides freeing several employees from spending time on credit checking and trying to collect past due invoices, factoring has relieved a lot of financial stress and allowed us to grow."
Alan Strong, Vice-President, Nar Chemical & Supply, Inc.

"I give special credit to our factoring company who applied a combination of creativity, factoring knowledge and sound business acumen to help us salvage the company. We can now concentrate internally on management, performance and production, and externally on customers and sales targets."
Satisfied managing partner of a large plastics manufacturing company, Toronto, Canada

"Converting to a factoring program was smooth and seamless. It has definitely helped us with cash flow because we are not holding all the receivables ourselves like we used to. It has really helped our purchasing power."
— Mike, President, Food Distribution Company

"I've had an ironclad relationship with this factoring company for over 20 years. Their service is always reliable, prompt and accurate. From start-up to my expansion years, they have always been there to meet my cash flow needs, and they continue to keep my operations running smoothly today."
— Phil, President, Southeastern Staffing

Still have questions? Click on Factoring FAQs link to find the answers to additional questions you may have.

If you are ready to apply for business financing now, call us today to discuss the details of your business needs, and let our professional staff walk you through the process to help ensure your continued success.

The application process is simple, and approval can be made quickly. Checks are issued within 24 hours of factoring your receivables.

Carpe diem!

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